Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Review of 2004

This past year was very busy for the Bonham household. Here are the highlights:

  • Jennifer continued attending ACC in pursuit of her degree, as well as working at her restraunt job. She plans to attend Texas State University in the spring.
  • Reilly completed 2nd grade and started 3rd. He was selected as the "Math Wiz" in his 2nd grade class. He had his tonsils out in September and has not been sick since. His favorite pastimes are playing video games and playing with his pomeranian, Taz.
  • Alisa started school also at ACC this fall, taking her first math class and getting an 'A' in it. She plans to continue taking a couple of classes this Spring. She reinjured her foot in June and underwent arthroscopic surgery in December to clean out scar tissue from a previous ankle sprain. She continued her piano playing for the church worship team and is leading the 3rd-4th grade Pioneer Club group at Pflugerville Community church this year.
  • Joel continued working at Cirrus this year, and continues to collect oddball European designed boardgames (and can even get Alisa to play once in awhile). He worked with the 1st-2nd grade kids in Pioneer Club the first half of the year. He took off 4 weeks in June for R&R. Thankfully he did not have to travel overseas for work this past year.
  • The family went to Myrtle Beach, SC this year for vacation. We also toured the harbor in Charleston and went to to the aircraft carrier 'Yorktown'. We spent a week with the Hammars in Kansas and then spent the next two weeks watching it rain buckets in Austin.
Overall, we were very blessed this past year. Everyone was reasonably healthy and were able to keep their jobs. We look forward to 2005 and the new challenges and blessings it will bring.